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July 9, 2018

Sabbath Comes

I know you’ve heard this before but I stand amazed at what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing with this tiny group of individuals known as Prepare International around His world. What a Jesus! What grace to take broken, immature people and do wonderful things! What power to use the weak to reveal great strength!

We’ve never been in such a powerful position as we are now:

  • The team is at an all-time high with great new additions this year.
  • Our office area has recently been upgraded tremendously.
  • Our teaching team around the world has grown rapidly and are being so fruitful.
  • Our footprint in 24 nations is growing and the doors are open like never before.

But above all the fruit of passionate-hearted, faith-filled, love-inspired, Spirit-empowered disciples are multiplying bringing forth other disciples of Jesus everywhere we serve

After 22 years of unbroken ministry often operating at a maddening pace, I am taking my first ever Sabbatical this summer.  I’ll take most of the summer to refresh and refuel for this upcoming season. The word Sabbatical comes from the word Sabbath and it speaks of a predetermined period of planned Sabbath with three distinct objectives: Rest, Reflect, and Refuel.  I will not be able to schedule the time with these as distinct phases, but I’m planning diligently to incorporate all three objectives into this time of hiddenness.

“If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving success.”  Ecclesiastes 10:10

I’ve seen for several years, many signs of deep weariness and at times, I have felt that I have lost the sharp edge of both my soul and spirit.  I pray these will be recovered and even sharpened in this season of Sabbath. My hope is that I will return late summer with the healthiest body, soul, and spirit I’ve ever experienced but also with a fresh heavenly vision of the next season of service.

I have no doubt that when I return, PI will be in a better place than when I step away. Drew and this team are some of the greatest servants of Jesus in this astounding Kingdom I’ve ever seen.  Their leadership, wisdom and hard work will propel us forward in my season of Sabbath, and this fall, we will find ourselves a sharpened ax in the hand of the King. Praise His name forever!