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July 3, 2019

The Father’s Heart

The Method

That’s why we chose our method – equipping, mentoring, and fathering and mothering a generation of laborers in the nations of the earth. This simple method seeks to join Jesus in the second command, “Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers!” Our ambition is to cultivate 1000s of Love filled Laborers who will become Leaders of 10s, 50s, 100s, and 1000s so that Life-giving expressions of Christ-filled community will be born, and the Lost might be saved as darkness is defeated! Our desire is to have the father’s heart for the world.

Our team has traveled, served, given, loved, and sacrificed much this year. Callie and I are so proud of them and grateful they’ve joined us in this monumental task. Personally, we just returned from about a month overseas touching five nations while finishing our journey in Poland and Israel. In Poland, we convened about 60 leaders from nine nations to join us for three days of turning our attention to God’s heart for seeing His Jewish children come into His Kingdom and seeing Jerusalem become a praise on the earth again. It was tremendous as David McQueen, Michael Onifer, and Josiah Boyd taught us! Our hearts were caught up into the Father’s deep desire for His remnant people.

From there, we took 32 leaders and friends to Israel for a week, discovering the Land, reliving the Bible, and gaining His heart for His Jewish sons and daughters and the place that He has chosen to put His name. It was a tremendous adventure. We will never be the same. Deeper disciples of Jesus were born!

The Father’s Heart

Through it all, He’s revealed this fundamental Kingdom principle: true ministry never begins with preaching, teaching, or counseling. It begins with knowing the Father’s heart. Knowing the Father’s heart leads to knowing the Father’s business, and knowing the Father’s business leads to living and ministering from the Father’s presence! This is how the Kingdom comes.

This is how laborers are formed. It is how the harvest is gathered!

I pray each of you discover our Father’s heart in a new way. I pray that He will lead you on to His business and not just your own. Above all, dawns the greatest treasure of all – His presence. This thing has always been about His presence filling the hearts of people and the world of men! Thank you for your part in this adventure.

– Randy Boyd